Healthy Recipes

Who says losing weight means starving. Actually key to losing weight is not to starve oneself. We have met a number of people who commit mistake of starving oneself and actually end up destroying the rate at which their body burns calories i.e. Metabolic Rate (BMR).

In Lay man’s terms to adjust to the number of calories body is given – body goes into a self starvation mode and tries to conserve the Fat present in the body instead of burning it and losing it.Our dietitians / dieticians and doctors not only ensure that our clients get right amount of calories and nutrients in the food that they eat but also ensure that they like what they eat or they eat what they like. So the food choices are as per your tastes and are not bland boiled vegetables as prescribed by some of other leading weight loss slimming centers.In fact some of our clients have commented that they never felt that they were on diet and enjoyed all the delicious recipes that were provided to them and obviously they lost weight and achieved their goals.

Healthy Recipes are added regularly – Keep Visiting

Many of our clients / patients keep asking for healthy food options for their fussy Kids / toddlers. Click Here to check out some food ideas that work with Kids.

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