Ms Shilpi Mohan

“ I Lost about 3 -4 kgs in a month by availing dietician services from RxOcean. This was a great achievement as it is difficult to lose weight after 40 and I was struggling. Earlier had lost around 5 kgs in two months. Value for money – any day !. I think Niti and her team are very very professional. They address of all your queries and also make you feel comfortable which is very important when one is dieting. Dieting is more about mind than body. The diet was personalised and included my favourite cup of coffee 🙂 . It is amazing how Niti can find solutions when you think its over and bring you back on track. My only suggestion is keep going the way you are – grow big but always keep this beauty of personal touch which makes you so special. I would surely recommend to people. Thanks a ton , once again.

Mrs Rajdeep Kaur

“ How wonderful is it to get fit into your old jeans which had been kept inside with a dream that ‘some day ‘ I will wear them . How amazing is it have Mithai on Diwali without fearing that it will show on my body . How extra ordinary are all those comments when people says OMG what happened to you , you have become younger and look so beautiful … WOW .. they are all amazing …… Well all of the above things were a dream once for me but not anymore and that has only become the reality after following the Diet of Dietician Niti Munjal. I was only 6 Kg overweight and was trying to reduce it by exercising at home and walking but no results and if there was any it was for a short span . Then I decided to go for a diet from Dietician Niti Munjal and she assured that its really easy to lose it . Followed her diet religiously for 6 weeks which was not expensive et all and was according to my taste and preferences and the result is here now . I am so happy with myself now , got back into shape which helped me gain my confidence back .. and with all those pouring compliments from everyone .. OMG I am blushing now .. but I feel so wonderful …. A compliment from a lady for me is when I visited her house after my weight loss — she was amazed to see me and she asked her kids to call me ‘Didi’ now and not ‘Auntie ‘ anymore as I don’t look like one .. I hope all the ladies can understand how amazing that compliment is .. OMG I can keep writing on this forum for so long but I will cut it short … Just wanna say THANKS to Dietician Niti Munjal for her diets and friendly nature .. this all was possible just because of u … That ‘some day ‘ which was my dream few months back is my reality now and that’s because of you.

Mr Kiran Sreedhar

“ Niti, I have been busy enjoying all the attention I am getting after much weight loss !!
Ok, so here I am at the end of three months of being brutal on myself, having lost 13.8 kilos, without feeling weak for a single day, now ….. getting all the attention, looking good, feeling good !! I just have two words to say – Thank You !!
You have been awesome, I do not know if your approach is scientific or strategic or whatever, I really do not care. Coz, at the end of it all, you helped me achieve my goal – 75 kilos !!
In 2008, I was 106 kilos, would wear size 40 jeans and XXL shirts. Some brands would not have sizes that I could fit in. I was not allowed experience simulated skyfall in Malaysia … coz I was overweight, was the brand ambassador for a radio station I used to work for and the big boss would make fun of me in front of the entire team … coz I was overweight, many more such instances I am ashamed to even mention. And to top it all, I had high BP at the age of 29.
That was my wake-up call, I wanted to lose weight. Started walking, prescribed my own diet, gave up non-veg and did random things to land at 88-89 kilos. Would not go below that !! Then I got in touch with Dietician Niti and the rest is history, I am now 75 kilos and feeling better than ever 🙂
Thank you Niti ….. You are not a Dietician, you are a Magician !!

Ms Abhilasha Bajpai

“ To Dietician Niti – You have come as an angel in my life and touched me with your magic wand and gave me a new life. Losing almost 12 kgs.I really appreciate your efforts.Though in my case as you know it was bit slow..but i believe slow and steady wins the race.The services provided were completely value for money. The recipes provided made things soo yummy, I could never imagine I was eating such tasty stuff.I have also learnt a lot of new recipes. Its really a great feeling to see the scale moving towards left each time I put my feet on the scale. all credit and thanks to you Niti (Dietician with RxOcean)

Dr Bharat Paul

“ I have been associated with RxOcean and dietician Niti Munjal for almost 3 months now and I have lost 15 kgs in these 3 months which has made my life a lot more beautiful and healthier.There is still some flab to go but I now I am sure that with Niti. I’ll definitely lose that also and achieve my target weight. I had tried many weight loss ideas earlier also but I found this plan as the simplest way to lose weight. The services at RxOcean are absolutely cost effective as compared to the fraudulent services being given by companies under the name of “SLIMMING STUDIOS”.
All my queries were taken care of nicely and all the diet plans were customised according to my lifestyle and eating habits…..And if at all there was any problem , dietician Niti was always there to solve it anytime. I would highly recommend (and already have recommended to many) the services of RxOcean to anyone and everyone willing to shed those extra kgs and live a healthy life.

Miss Neha Manchanda

“Niti has come as an angel in my life, who touched me with her magic wand and gave me a new life. Loosing almost 19 kgs under Niti’s personalised guidance gives the feeling of a new ME in myself. I had never imagined that a diet plan could do wonders for me. Niti stood by me as a source of inspiration, she motivated me all the time that everything is possible if I have the determination, I still remember the day I first visited her and she said – ” Hoga kyu nahi hoga, hum kar ke dikhayenge ” and I can proudly stand and say Niti, “You are genius”.
The services provided were completely value for money. The best thing was I could call or visit Niti anytime for anything be it any suggestion or anything not working.The recipes provided made things soo yummy, I could never imagine I was eating such tasty stuffs and that too soo healthy be it cutlets, paneer masala, pasta and what else.I feel so proud to have been associated with RXocean and Niti .Looking at such a big diffenerce in me, a lot of my friends and family are looking for services with Niti.
Its really a great feeling to see the scale moving towards left each time I put my feet on the scale..I owe this to you Niti , thanks for making me stand tall and feel confident.I really feel proud writing this and sharing my success story..

Miss Yamini Kumar

“I lost around 14 kgs in 4 months approximately.
Niti was perfect, is perfect and will always be at your side when ever you need her. She is fantastic, fabulous dietitian. Even at ten in night she will solve your problems regarding your diet. But to lose weight one needs to be very determined. Diet charts were personalized, in that case Niti can take any challenge, according to my routine.
Niti is my family dietitian. So when it comes to suggesting somebody about Diet and Nutrition – Niti comes right at the top. Already many of my friends are availing Diet and Nutrition services from Rxocean.

Mrs.Supriya Pahuja

I was 8 kilos overweight that I wanted to reduce because I always wanted to look healthy and fit. I also wanted to look beautiful which everyone wants. I have PCOD. I wanted to normalize my PCOD by decreasing the weight and I wanted all my medical reports normal.

When I met Niti mam in 2011, I told her I don’t eat much the whole day even then I don’t lose weight.She told me that the weight is increasing due to my poor eating habits. She gave me diet plan with different varieties of food. Then I started diet plan and after 20 to 22 weeks I was able to reduce my weight of 8 kg by eating that food and solved the problem of my PCOD. Today I am very happy with healthy life & beautiful looks…Thanks a lot Niti mam….Everything has been possible bcoz of u😊😊

Mrs.Komal Garg

After celebrating the arrival of our new born with friends and family, my husband and I just could not wait to look at the photographs from the function. Next day, we sat down with the laptop, browsing through countless images, admiring one after the other. Being a woman, I could not abstain myself from scrutinising my own appearance and look in each photograph. As nature would have it, I was not going gaga about putting on those extra kilos during my pregnancy, 25 kilograms to be precise. I was now fully determined to shed all the excess baggage but I knew that it was not going to be easy. The road to total recovery was long – target of 55 kilograms, to be achieved along with the lot of environmental constraints. I did not bother about my weight for almost 6 months post pregnancy and it was during this time, I began doing research on different types of diets and diet plans. I also managed to start with some daily exercise routine, but could not maintain it for long due to various reasons. The road to recovery was even tougher now!!!

Finally, it was clear – I had to shed all those extra kilos only with the help of a diet plan. A diet plan that would be exhaustive, offering me the right amount of nutrition, energy and other health benefits. I decided to take help from a professional dietician, rather than relying on Google baba. This is where I got to know about Niti Munjal through one of my friends. She is not the usual, run of the mill Dieticians that have set diet plans ready for every need/requirement. On the contrary, Niti takes time in doing ample research in each case – going through all possible details including medical history. Only after considerable evaluation, she will come out with a comprehensive weekly diet plan. And she knows about a lot of dishes that will tickle your taste buds and be low on calorie count, at the same time. I had never imagined that healthy food could be scrumptious too. The results were there for everyone to see – I lost a whopping 25 kilograms in a span of 8months, without any exercise regime. I would highly recommend Neeti to everyone and anyone looking for a holistic diet plan customised to suit one’s BMI and/or other medical condition.

Ms.Isha Sharma

I lost about 13 Kgs in about 3 months by availing Diet and nutrition services from Niti Munjal. All my problems and queries were taken care of by her and my plans were absolutely personalized. Niti is an excellent nutritionist. Her diet programs are very affordable, reasonable, scientific and do-able. She was always available over phone and message whenever I needed to consult her. The combination of food suggested by her and the timing made all the difference. Many of my colleagues have already approached her and are benefiting from her services.

Mrs.Gita Khatri

Niti always made sure to personalise the diet plans to my taste, routine and lifestyle which made it so easy to be followed. Niti Munjal, my dietician, is a friend now than a dietician. What Can I say more 🙂
Now that I have lost 12kgs of weight after joining rxocean, I wanted to take the opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks to Niti and rxocean. I have really enjoyed the tranformation. I have been extremely impressed by the quality of the diet plans and think that you have a team to be proud of. I have now learnt how to manage my weight and live a healthy life. Thanks a lot for all your support, I believe its not an end but a new beginning. Thanks Niti


A great experience ..
Dieting can be so yummy can’t imagine…
If anybody wants to become fat to fit must take this awesome experience with Niti Munjal..
Thank you Niti

Mr. Satish

With Niti’s help and her counselling skills, she showed me a way to healthy living and eating. She helped me throughout my journey via messages, calls and regular chats. I lost 21 kgs with team RxOcean and became a regular marathon runner.

Mr. Pratyush

The changing tym!!!!! And the changed me …. With Dt.Niti Munjal the journey was practically possible and easy. The personalised diet plan was made according to my needs. I was still eating from the Mess in the Hostel but chosing the right foods. She fitted the Hostel Menu and foods in the diet and turned it into balanced nutrition. My medicines have come to half doses and I still keep consulting team RxOcean with my new requirements and dietary changes…Thanks Niti Munjal for your personal touch always…


What can I say making impossible a possible is the skill that Niti holds with her.
Dealing with weight was always a tormenting ordeal that I was living with as a child and I am certain most of them are familiar with the perks of body shaming not only by self but by others too.
Well it so happened while I was getting fanatic with me weight as finding the groom was a huge compromise and in despair my sister referred me to Niti on September 2014.

Initially there was a lot of reluctance as I had more of don’t’ s than the do’s and we seemingly thought that I wouldn’t be able to achieve the desired milestone.
But since then magic happened, both of us were vehement in our approach and I gradually reduced weight.

I lost 24 kilos in this period initially weight 86 and reduced to 62 kilos.

Niti just doesn’t treat you as a client and gives plan to do or die, though I do not consult her anymore and marriage never happened I am certain I have earned a well-wisher and friend for life.
I must give it to her for her listening ability and customizing the plan very meticulously for me, her patience and motivation is remarkable.

Keep doing the good work that you have been doing and all the very best to shape peoples life

Neeru Kataria

My name is Neeru Kataria and everybody may know me as the fit and energetic lady who loves to laugh and enjoy every single moment with confidence. But the truth is that I was definitely not the same person a few months back. In fact, I used to be 12 – 14kgs heavier than I am today. I was disappointed with myself and completely uncomfortable. Every glance in the mirror was a constant reminder of my lack of control. I desperately wanted to change but I didn’t know how. And no matter how many times I tried to make things right NOTHING. EVER. WORKED. I tried in every possible way but it didn’t happen and I never wanted to go on a diet because as all say it makes you weak and dull. But then, a friend of mine suggested me to consult Dt.Niti Munjal and finally it worked. Trust me it did. In fact the diet gave me a glow. I was glowing and glowing and this was only possible because of my will to work and Niti’s plan of action. I didn’t feel weak nor did I ever feel starved. The beautiful balance of her diet gave me this stable weight and this confident body to face anything and everything. A big big thanks to Niti, I am glad that I approached you. It could not have been done without you. I advice every single lady struggling out there with your weight to consult Dt.Niti. She’s indeed the best dietician.

Heena Sehgal

In 2015…I lost Around 8 kgs in two months after taking diet plan from Niti.It was a great need to lose look good.. and fit into the clothes of my choice…most of all important to stay healthy.Shedding my extra kilos gave me a great confidence. All this happened after coming in contact with Niti…She is very sweet ..encouraging..cooperative..She is not only a good dietitian but a lovely friend too.Thank you so much Niti ….

Namrata Singh

It was a wonderful experience to get a diet plan from Dt.Niti, she is a wonderful dietitian. I gained 30 Kgs of weight after my delivery and at that time I became very desperate to lose weight. Then somebody suggested me to go to Dt.Niti and it was a miraculous experience to lose 15 kgs of weight in just 2 months without any side effects. I really want to thank Niti Munjal for this wonderful change in my life and suggest everyone who wants to lose their weight and want to become healthy to consult Niti😊

Ms Deepanjana Sarkar

“ I lost about 7 Kgs in about 2 months by availing Diet and nutrition services from Rxocean dietician. Services are Total value for money. All my problems and queries were taken care off by the dietician and my plans were absolutely personalized. Niti is an excellent nutritionist. Her diet programs are very affordable, reasonable, scientific and do-able. She was always available over phone whenever I needed to consult her. I never felt uneasy following her diet plans. I could eat almost everything, I was having in normal course. Only difference was, previously I was not losing weight by having everything, but Niti’s guidance helped me lose weight after having all those things but somewhat differently. The combination of food and the timing made all the difference. I have already recommended your service to 4-5 people. 3 of my colleagues have approached me and taken the contact information of Niti. I am sure they would benefit immensely like me if they contact her ASAP.

Ms Poonam Thakran

“ I lost about 17 kgs of weight by availing services of Rxocean dietician and nutrition counsellor. I feel it is value for money service – all my queries or problems were taken care of and diet plans were personalized according to my food preference and routine. In the beginning I wanted to loss my weight because of health problems, knee pain and other problems. Which have been cured also. Today I feel more confident and good about myself. I would recommend my friends to take up the diet plans.

Mr Kamal Chutani

“ I reduced around 23 Kgs in 6 Months (diet plan followed for 4 Months only). Services provided by RxOcean were excellent and even I can say that same were “Value for Money”. All my concerns and queries were clarified with best suggestions. Diet plan was nicely prepared keeping my lifestyle in view. Looking at the result, I will definitely keep on recommending RxOcean to my friends and colleagues.

Ms Kanika Koti

“ I lost 12 kgs in 4 months.I consider diet and nutrition services provided by RxOcean to be value for money.

My dietician Ms. Niti has always taken care of my queries/ problems. Best thing was that during this tenure I could call her anytime and visit her as and when required. I would really like to thank dietician Niti for always supporting me. My plan was personalized according to my food preferences and routine which made it easier for me to follow the plans and didn’t disturb my routine et all.

Although When I first visited Dietician at RxOcean, I couldn’t believe that reducing weight would be so easy and I won’t have to do any sort of exercises. But Niti made it possible. I really feel happy to see this change in me. It wouldn’t have been possible without Niti.

A big thank you to my dietician 🙂 This has not only helped me to reduce weight but also I have learnt healthy eating habits. This would surely help me to keep a check on my weight in future as well. I would surely recommend Diet and nutrition services by RxOcean to all my friends.

Mrs Chitra Kataria

“ I have lost 14kg and got good figure all because of Dietician at RxOcean. I am very thankful to you all as this has become possible only by your diet chart. You are really good dietician I feel confident when my friends praise me . Your diet chart is not so costly when I feel my self far from many physical problems ,all because of over weight .I feel myself light after weight loss and my more then 10 friends also follow your diet and contacted you for losing weight and they are losing ,feeling happy .This is the best way I think for lose weight khao aur slim ho jao

Taruna Grover

“ Firstly, i want to thank Ms. Niti . U have supported me and encouraged me to lose weight. It was very difficult for me to lose weight as i suffer from backache and i can’t do physical workout and exercises but when i joined Rx.Ocean it happened. I have reduced 10 kgs in 4 months and that too without doing any exercise. The diet plans given by Ms. Niti were so easy and interesting to follow. I never got bored in following my weekly diet. The plans were according to my choice and preferences. SECONDLY. Ms. Niti is such a supportive dietician and sweet and nice lady. She was always there for me when required. She is genius in her profession and your services are definitely value of money. Once again a big THANKS for helping me in reducing weight and sorry for late posting.


“ I lost over 15 kg of weight since I started with RxOcean. Five months from now, when I first talked to Dr. Niti Munjal I told her that I love having alcohol and if following a diet plan means to quit/curb alcohol then we would be starting on a wrong foot. Most amazingly, I lost all this weight without being asked to control my alcohol consumption even once.There were times when I kind of lost hope, but my dietician was always there by my side motivating me to reach my ideal weight. Important thing was, RxOcean Docs (especially Ms. Niti Munjal, my dietician) always were more of a friend than just being a dietician.
Diet Plans were always personalised according to my taste, schedule and lifestyle. And I could call/visit them anytime for anything be it any suggestion or anything else without having a look at my watch.For me, Dietary Services provided by RxOcean is a one-stop-shop for almost all health related problems. Thank You RxOcean for helping me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and even more thank you for giving me such a wonderful friend. RxOcean is a complete “Value for Money” pack.

Ms Mehta

“ I lost 9.5kg in 5 months. Niti is a friend now than a dietician..What Can I say more. Diet plans were personalised to my taste, routine and lifestyle which made it so easy to be followed.
Now that I have lost weight after joining rxocean, I wanted to take the opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks to Niti and rxocean. I have really enjoyed the transition from eating junk food to healthy food and been made to feel comfortable and motivated by Niti. I have been extremely impressed by the quality of the diet plans and think that you have a team to be proud of. I have now learnt how to manage my weight and live a healthy life.
Thanks a lot for all your support, I believe its not an end but a new beginning!

Mrs Sagari Sabharwal

“ have been following diets given by Mrs Niti Munjal since 3 months and this has really proved perfect. I was trying to loose weight since so many years but this could be accomplished only with RX Ocean. I have lost 8 kgs in 3 months .However, according to Niti this was slow but I am satisfied as I look lean and fit than before. It really feels good when my friends and family compliments me. The services provided were completely Value for Money.
Along with weight loss success I have got a very sweet friend Niti who always solved my queries at any time despite of different Time Zone. She always managed my diets according to my busy schedule and my preferences. I would say that Niti is perfect Dietician who always motivated me and stood by my side whenever needed.
Thanks a lot for your help in weight loss success. I will surely recommend RxOcean to my friends and family. Sagari Sabharwal

Mrs Mehta

“My Diet Plans were personalised to my taste, routine and lifestyle which made it so easy to be followed. Niti Munjal, my dietician, is a friend now than a dietician. What Can I say more.
Now that I have lost weight after joining rxocean, I wanted to take the opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks to Niti and rxocean. I have really enjoyed the transition from eating junk food to healthy food and been made to feel comfortable and motivated by Niti. I have been extremely impressed by the quality of the diet plans and think that you have a team to be proud of. I have now learnt how to manage my weight and live a healthy life. Thanks a lot for all your support, I believe its not an end but a new beginning.

Ms Lina Kumar

“I lost around 7 kgs of my weight in around 2 months and that too without doing any exercise. Completely Value for Money service. All my queries/problems were taken care by my dietician in a very nice way, i really wanna appreciate the way Niti showed us the way to healthy weight loss :).It was really a very very good experience, losing 7kgs weight and that too without any exercise was really a very tough job for me.
But I made it just because of RxOcean. Really want to thank Niti for this 🙂
Thanks Niti without you it would not be possible.

Mrs Gauri Goel

“My husband has been following Niti Munjal’s diet chart for about 3 months regulary now, and the diets are great, nutricious with healthy receipes. His diet has been reduced in the sense the quantity of food he used to eat at one time has reduced tremoundously as now he eats 4-5 times a day and by the time he has to take his dinner he is quite full and satisfied. Earlier when he used to come back from office he used to be extremely hungry and this led to overeating and then he used to have severe gas problems. By gods grace all this has completely stopped and i am very happy. In the mornings also he wakes up fresh, earlier he used to resist waking up. Although in the second month my husband didnt reduce much in terms of weight but he used to feel very nice and light. Secondly very important your diets have really nice cooking styles, receipes. Cooking is fun and he loves the different varieties which you provide in your diet. I would really like to thank you for improving his quality of life as it is rightly said health is wealth

Ms Vibha Tomar

“Thank you so much for all your support during past 3 months. I was really depressed and concerned about my weight when I met you three months ago. You did not only help me loose some weight but also developed the habit of healthy eating in me. Now i take a very healthy diet and even while traveling when I cannot follow your diet plan and do not over eat as it has become a part of me. I feel so good and healthy about myself these days. Also that is a reason that i have recommended you to a lot of my friends.
Thank you so much for your constant support. ”

Mrs & Mr Nitin Jain

“Thank you very much for your weight loss guidance and consultation over the last 4 weeks. We really got benefited by your weight loss program. ”

Mrs Tisha

“Thanks. I wanted to say something from last so many days. My life is changing day by day and that is good. I have a lot of variety in foods that you give to me and that too healthy. I had not eaten a chappati during last 5 yrs after I came to know that I am suffering from Celiac disease. Today, I have chappati (not wheat though) in my tiffin only because of you. ”

Mrs Renu Khatri

“Thanks a lot Niti for wonderful results. You have saved us visits to other doctors. Overall my husband has lost 15 kgs in 3 months by following your plan like a bible. ”

Mrs Reena Bharti

“First of all, I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and for the wonderful weight reducing experience. I have accomplished everything that I wanted in short time.
I have reduced 11 KG !!. Now I have reached my ideal weight . It was not at all possible without your help. Your personalised program worked well for me. I always felt taken care by your extremely knowledgeable recommendations. It was not a tough program as I had perceived before contacting you but it was quite enjoyable, learning, wonderful and life changing experience.
Now I understand the concept of healthy eating. Your slow migration to new food habits was really important. I do not feel any side effects post weight loss. It has changed my lifestyle physically and mentally too. My husband is extremely happy to see these changes. This makes me more happier. You delivered everything you promised and more.
Thank you again for your help in the whole process. I will surely recommend you to our friends and acquaintances.”

Mrs Shipra Raj

“I have lost 6 Kgs in 2 months. Your service is value for money and most of my queries and problems were taken care of by the dietician promptly who also provided me personalized diet plan to take care of my preferences, schedule and food likings. On top of this I found the plan to be extremely realistic and hence was easy to follow. Thanks!”

Mrs Tanya Dhingra

“She is the one behind my success of achieving my target.I always wanted to look …skinny on my marriage.When i consulted her I was fit according to my height.And I told her I want to lose 14 more kgs which was a tough task but she made it so easy for me and that too in 3 months.Thanks for making my dream come true.I know I have bothered u so much koling u late nite ,10 times a day asking will I be able to achieve my target and u have always answered with a smile and confidence that YES u will succeed and I did all becoz of you. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being such a nice GURU and a friend too. Love u.”

Mrs Vyoma Bhogal

“I have lost almost 13 kilos in last 5-6 months with your help. Now I weigh ~55 Kgs which was also my goal weight. Overall experience of losing weight with RxOcean was very satisfying and relaxing.During this period my stomach was always full and it never felt that I was on diet. All the aspects of nutrition were taken care off in the weekly diet plans and diet given was very high in nutrition as a result I ate nicely and still lost so many kilos in a healthy manner. Thanks a lot for all the help.”

Mr Aarief Husan

“RxOcean is a professionally managed organization. Vision and Mission for offering best health solutions is eloquent and inimitable. I would rate them 10/10 on fabulous result oriented services. I have profoundly benefited from RxOcean’s services, totally Ace. After ignoring my health headed straight from 1 tablet to 12 medicines a day…left me shocked and mentally crippled. An exorbitant favour arrived from Rxocean “A health journey from haywire to stupendous health”.”

Mrs Sharmistha

“I was finding it difficult to recover from the ankle fracture I had two years ago because of my body weight. Doctors advised me to lose weight but due to the injury, I could not move much which led to more weight gain. At 68 kg, I was experiencing pain and swelling in the foot all the time. It was then I got to know about and started following diet plan. It has been three months since I started this plan and I have already lost 11 kgs. Since I work from home and am online most of the time, web consultations work well for me.”

Mrs Neeraja

“ RxOcean health services are a boon to everyone who cares for a healthy lifestyle. Niti’s friendly & warm approach towards her clients is app-laudable. Where else one would find a friend in a dietitian who makes you lose weight. I lost weight with her diet program in a very healthy manner, hats off to her.”

Mr Ravi Swami

“ I think THANK YOU would be too frail to express my gratitude to you for the care and concern you have given to me in the last 90 days over my diet plans. My weight which was 89 Kilos has come down to 79 Kilos which is really appreciable. I thank you for giving me the healthy diet. God Bless You.”

Mrs Harminder

“ Being bed ridden after having undergone foot implantation and knee replacement, I had gained 4-5 Kilos. With the condition of Osteoporosis, my doctor had strictly advised me to cut down on my weight. I was introduced to Dietitian at RxOcean by my daughter who has also enrolled for their Weight Loss program. I by changing my lifestyle and dietary regimen recommended by Dietitian at RxOcean could lose 3.5 Kgs in the very first month. Thanks to the team who helped me achieve my goal.”

Mrs Anita Sharan

“ Through your diet I have been able to lose ~7 Kgs in 2-3 months. Being a mother of two and a housewife with so many responsibilities that I couldnt join a gym and walking for 30 mins a day was more than what I could do everyday. As a result my weight loss was a bit slow.”

Ms Savita Jain

“ Coming from a conservative Marwari family options for me to lose weight were restricted. A friend of mine suggested to contact and after talking to the dietitian at RxOcean I thought to give it a try and in the end experience proved to be worth it. I lost 5-6 Kgs in 2 months. Now I weigh only 55 kilos which is perfect as per my height. I not only lost weight but my overall figure has got toned considerably. I during the program lost 4.5 inches from my waist and much more from thighs, hips and arms. All this when I was completely on a vegetarian, non potato, non onion and non garlic diet that too as per my tastes and with things cooked at our place. Thanks a ton Team RxOcean.”

Mrs Meenu Kapoor

“ I have already lost 10 kilos in 3 months and still losing. Your program is amazing which I am able to follow with ease. I can vouch for it coz being a mother of two kids and a housewife it is not that easy to lose the weight which one has gained over the years. If things have worked out for me I am pretty sure it will work for other people who want to lose weight sitting at home as I never could join any Yoga / Gym / Aerobics classes. During your program I have just been able to walk for 30-45 mins a day.”


“ Although I had heard a lot about Services of from people visiting my parlour. But as all my clients/friends were either Tamilian or north Indians and I being an Andhraite – was very sceptical if the diet plans will work for me but went ahead to give it a try. Within first week itself all my doubts were put to rest – All the diet plans and changes suggested were as per my routine and my dietary regimen. Dietician at Rxocean even suggested vegetables that are part of our local diet. I lost 6-7 kilos within 2 months and achieved my weight loss goal. I was also given a maintenance plan so that I dont regain those lost kilos. Thanks a lot Rxocean for my making my weight loss programme such big success within such a short period of time.”


“Thanks. Your diet plan is Great. No chances of feeling hungry or craving for anything while on it”

Ishtpal Singh Banga

“ Thanks a lot. Your diet plan and regular follow-ups have done wonders to me. Now I weigh 145 Kgs almost 15 Kilos less than what I started with i.e. ~160 Kgs five months ago. Prior to availing your services I had tried a number of other ways to reduce weight including Liposuction but none of those worked for me for more than a month or two and whatever I lost I gained again within a short period of time. But your simple diet plans & tips are easy to follow and don’t make me feel that I am on a diet. I feel a lot fitter, healthy and positive and everyone has been complimenting me on my new looks. Thanks again for all the effort put in by you and your team”

Vinod Jain

“ I had been trying to gain little weight from the past several months but I couldnt inspite of regular gyming and eating well. Moreover my concern was to gain muscle mass and not fat. I realised after I started with your diet plans that I was not following a proper dietary routine. Thanks to your plans I have gained 1.5 Kgs within 1 week. I am confident that I will be able to achieve my target of 5-6 kilos within a month or two. Thanks ”


“With your diet I have not only reduced 11 kilos during last five months but also have had inch loss. Coz of the healthy diet that I have been taking some of my medical problems i.e. PCOS have also sorted out automatically.”


“ I lost all the extra flab that I had gained during my study period. I feel a lot leaner and fitter and confident than what I used to be. I go to work with aplomb. Thanks a lot for your help”

Simi Garg

“I switched over to you dietary regimen after hearing a lot from my Sister and friends and when my earlier diet plan gave me nothing but issues like Hair Fall, Low BP and weakness. After talking to you I realized how important a good diet is and to lose weight one shouldn’t go on a crash diet. After following your diet plan I have cut down on my tummy fat and also have lost couple of inches from my waist. Thanks once again.”

Mrs. Thilgamani

“ I suffer from Osteporosis and High BP and had a slip disc. Looking at my age and with all these problems I was suggested by my doctors to lose weight. Following your diet plan and implementing your simple meal planning tips – I have lost 2-3 kilos during last one month.”