Diet Plan for Lipedema

Diet Plan for Lipedema

Lipedema Diet Program

Lipedema Diet is a crucial part of the management of Lipedema. We have created a specialized diet plan for patients suffering from Lipedema.


What is Lipedema?

Lipedema is a condition that affects the subcutaneous fat in the body, usually in the lower half of the body, such as the hips, thighs, and legs. It is often characterised by an abnormal build-up of fat cells that cause swelling, pain, and tenderness in the affected areas. Lipedema is more commonly seen in women, and the exact cause of the condition is not yet fully understood.


Common Symptoms of Lipedema Include:

  • Swelling and enlargement of the legs and thighs
  • Tenderness and pain in the affected areas
  • Bruising and easy injury
  • Increased sensitivity to touch and pressure
  • Fatigue and discomfort


Our Lipedema Diet Plans are:

Focuses on overall well-being. Based on the Body Composition Analysis (fat and muscle percentage, BMI, etc.).

Includes your favourite foods and cheat meals too. They are tailored according to individual needs and preferences.

Includes real and natural foods only & is easy to follow.

It aims to reduce inflammation and pain in the affected areas.

This program also involves education on Lipedema and lymphatic massage techniques to manage the symptoms effectively.


Contact Us: If you are interested in our Diabetes or Lipedema Diet Program, please contact us. Our team of expert dietitians will happily assist you in managing your condition through a customised diet plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can diet help in managing Lipedema symptoms?

Diet plays a significant role in managing Lipedema symptoms by reducing inflammation and controlling weight gain. Our Lipedema Diet Plans aim to reduce the inflammation in the affected areas, thus easing the pain and discomfort.


I am not sure if I have Lipedema. How can I know?

If you experience swelling, pain, or tenderness in the lower half of your body, you should consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis.


Will I have to give up my favourite foods on this diet?

No, we understand that giving up your favourite foods can be challenging. Our flexible diet plan includes your favourite foods while focusing on overall well-being and managing the Lipedema symptoms.

    Need Help?

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