Weight Loss / Weight Gain

Our bodies react differently to variations in nutrient intake. In this unique offering our team of Doctors and Dietitians analyze, suggest well balanced personalized weekly diet plans and closely monitor with weekly follow up to ensure success of program.
Getting an expert help can make a real difference in achieving success in your weight loss or weight gain plans but it is especially important if you have health related complications such as thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure Uric Acid etc . Get our expert help to get an effective diet that you can trust.

How does this work?

  • Our dietician will call to understand your current lifestyle and diet. As per scientific calculations your current dietary requirements would be calculated.
  • We will then help you modify your current diet by giving simple and implementable suggestions. We will also create a personalized diet plan to suit your dietary requirements (nutrients and calories) taking into account your current lifestyle
  • Weekly follow ups will be done to motivate and monitor changes in your body.
  • Once your weight loss/gain goal has been achieved we will provide you with simple dietary plan to maintain/sustain it.

(This service is available through email, sms, phone and video chat and face-to-face discussion with our experts.)

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