Weight Loss Programs

Our Weight loss programs are unique and have been designed by Doctors and Dieticians / dietitians and perfected over the years. We not only work on your diet but also on your lifestyle that too your way and not our way.

Weight loss

Health Professionals (Doctors / Dieticians / Dietitians) across the world recommend slow and steady weight loss as the safest and most effective approach. A sensible weight loss program allows one to lose weight slowly. It can range from 500gms to 1Kg per week. Gradual weight loss promotes loss of body fat instead of water loss from the body which gets regained very fast. Rate of weight loss also varies because of following:

  • Age : People aged between 20-35 lose weight quickly in comparison to young and old people.
  • Sex: Males lose weight faster than females as the female body is designed to lose fat slowly.
  • Hormonal changes: Hormonal imbalances like irregular cycles, thyroid disorders and menopause are some of conditions under which women lose weight slowly.
  • Weight: A person who has to lose a lot of weight, loses quickly in the initial stage and a person, who has to lose a few kilos only loses weight slowly.
  • Weight Loss Plateau: During the course of a fat loss program there may a plateau phase where one does not see a drop in weight on the weighing scale. On such a program, you may be losing body fat at the same time building up your muscle mass through exercise. Since muscle weighs heavier than fat, your scale may not show any change in weight, in spite of fat loss. As muscle weighs more than fat and occupies less space, hence one may observe inch loss and body toning but not weight loss. This shouldn’t really worry the person undergoing the program and should continue with it.

Lifestyle Modifications

Not everyone sleeps at the same time nor do people (anymore) get up early in the morning as advised by our adults. It seems old saying “Early to bed early to rise…” is no longer valid in today’s world. Particularly people who work in IT / ITES (BPO) industry and work in Shifts can no longer to adhere to that old age adage. Through our counseling we ensure that people stay fit and lose weight (if necessary) by doing some simple modifications to their lifestyle. For one to keep ahead of the race and also ensure that one doesn’t forget to have that daily dose of nutrition at time and at the same time ensure that CURVES are back it is necessary to eat right and healthy.

Body’s Reaction to Diet Tinkering

Human body has its own mechanism and it reacts negatively when calorie intake is reduced i.e. a person is put on a weight loss diet. When on a weight loss diet body starts burning less calories as cutting on food threatens the body. It tries to protect itself by slowing rate at which it burns calories at rest i.e. basal metabolism. This makes weight loss harder. To counter this effect it is important to make the changes gradually in your eating habits. Any drastic change is going to result in body reacting negatively to the change and going in hibernation mode. Moreover even a weight loss diet should be nutritionally complete. Consult our team of doctor & dietitian / dietician to understand what will suit your body and how can you lose weight.

Your Palettes

It is also important to ensure that patients / clients are not subjected to something which they don’t like. Keeping this in mind we prepare menu cards (personalized diet plans) based on likings and dis-likings of our clients. Our Dietitians / dieticians also ensure that you get the daily/weekly dose of your favorites (be it Pizzas, Burgers etc) so that you don’t crave too much for anything and indulge in binge eating.

Balanced Diet

When limiting calories, one needs to satisfy basic nutritional needs. Our diet plans include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, Our dietitian / dietician balances diets by choosing foods from each of the five food groups i.e. milk, meat, fruit, vegetable and breads unless medical condition of the patient doesn’t allow him to have certain types of food items or some fruits / vegetables.

Weight Maintenance Program

One of the major features of our weight loss program is the weight maintenance plan which we offer to our clients once the weight loss goals have been achieved. This ensures that they don’t regain the weight which they have lost when they were on a dietary regimen.

How We differ from others ?

  • We believe in slowly modulating diet through personalized Diet Plans and changing habits (lifestyle so that weight loss is long lasting. Unlike other weight loss clinics or slimming centers which help you quickly lose weight but then your body regains the lost weight as quickly as you lost it.
  • Through our counseling sessions we ensure that changes in body are permanent and not temporary. So that you don’t regain once you are off our plans.
  • Our diet plans are refreshing and keep people interested and involved.
  • Our dieticians / dietitians are always available to clarify any doubts of our patients.
  • We work in teams. Each case gets a doctor and dietitian assigned to it ensuring better success rates than other diet clinics.

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