Personalized Diet Plan

Each one of us is unique so are our nutrient requirements. Depending upon your current lifestyle, weight and body analysis including scientific calculations like BMR, W/H Ratio etc our dietitian / dietician will prepare a generalized diet plan with nutritionally balanced diet for your overall well being. In addition to dietary consultation and an initial assessment of your personal lifestyle and simple recommendations to change your lifestyle, Our expert will help you correct your current diet and help make improvements in your lifestyle. You will always know what to do to achieve and stay on top of your lifestyle and diet for continued success.

How does it work?

Each one of us is unique so is the effect of different food on our body. Dietitians / Dieticians are trained professionals who analyze effect of food on your body and help you eat right.

  • Our dietitian / dietician will first do a thorough analysis of your body.
  • Then we will do all the scientific calculations to check your ideal body weight and waist to hip ratio.
  • Your current lifestyle is also discussed in detail. Based on our discussion and thorough analysis our dietitian / dietician and doctors will devise a one time personalized diet plan as per your body’s requirements and your lifestyle. This diet plan would contain various food options for your diet at different times of the day.

(This service is available through E-mail, SMS, Phone,Video chat Or face-to-face discussion with our experts at one our centres.)

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