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Neeru Kataria

My name is Neeru Kataria and everybody may know me as the fit and energetic lady who loves to laugh and enjoy every single moment with confidence. But the truth is that I was definitely not the same person a few months back. In fact, I used to be 12 – 14kgs heavier than I am today. I was disappointed with myself and completely uncomfortable. Every glance in the mirror was a constant reminder of my lack of control. I desperately wanted to change but I didn’t know how. And no matter how many times I tried to make things right NOTHING. EVER. WORKED. I tried in every possible way but it didn’t happen and I never wanted to go on a diet because as all say it makes you weak and dull. But then, a friend of mine suggested me to consult Dt.Niti Munjal and finally it worked. Trust me it did. In fact the diet gave me a glow. I was glowing and glowing and this was only possible because of my will to work and Niti’s plan of action. I didn’t feel weak nor did I ever feel starved. The beautiful balance of her diet gave me this stable weight and this confident body to face anything and everything. A big big thanks to Niti, I am glad that I approached you. It could not have been done without you. I advice every single lady struggling out there with your weight to consult Dt.Niti. She’s indeed the best dietician.

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