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Mrs.Komal Garg

After celebrating the arrival of our new born with friends and family, my husband and I just could not wait to look at the photographs from the function. Next day, we sat down with the laptop, browsing through countless images, admiring one after the other. Being a woman, I could not abstain myself from scrutinising my own appearance and look in each photograph. As nature would have it, I was not going gaga about putting on those extra kilos during my pregnancy, 25 kilograms to be precise. I was now fully determined to shed all the excess baggage but I knew that it was not going to be easy. The road to total recovery was long – target of 55 kilograms, to be achieved along with the lot of environmental constraints. I did not bother about my weight for almost 6 months post pregnancy and it was during this time, I began doing research on different types of diets and diet plans. I also managed to start with some daily exercise routine, but could not maintain it for long due to various reasons. The road to recovery was even tougher now!!!

Finally, it was clear – I had to shed all those extra kilos only with the help of a diet plan. A diet plan that would be exhaustive, offering me the right amount of nutrition, energy and other health benefits. I decided to take help from a professional dietician, rather than relying on Google baba. This is where I got to know about Niti Munjal through one of my friends. She is not the usual, run of the mill Dieticians that have set diet plans ready for every need/requirement. On the contrary, Niti takes time in doing ample research in each case – going through all possible details including medical history. Only after considerable evaluation, she will come out with a comprehensive weekly diet plan. And she knows about a lot of dishes that will tickle your taste buds and be low on calorie count, at the same time. I had never imagined that healthy food could be scrumptious too. The results were there for everyone to see – I lost a whopping 25 kilograms in a span of 8months, without any exercise regime. I would highly recommend Neeti to everyone and anyone looking for a holistic diet plan customised to suit one’s BMI and/or other medical condition.

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