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What can I say making impossible a possible is the skill that Niti holds with her.
Dealing with weight was always a tormenting ordeal that I was living with as a child and I am certain most of them are familiar with the perks of body shaming not only by self but by others too.
Well it so happened while I was getting fanatic with me weight as finding the groom was a huge compromise and in despair my sister referred me to Niti on September 2014.

Initially there was a lot of reluctance as I had more of don’t’ s than the do’s and we seemingly thought that I wouldn’t be able to achieve the desired milestone.
But since then magic happened, both of us were vehement in our approach and I gradually reduced weight.

I lost 24 kilos in this period initially weight 86 and reduced to 62 kilos.

Niti just doesn’t treat you as a client and gives plan to do or die, though I do not consult her anymore and marriage never happened I am certain I have earned a well-wisher and friend for life.
I must give it to her for her listening ability and customizing the plan very meticulously for me, her patience and motivation is remarkable.

Keep doing the good work that you have been doing and all the very best to shape peoples life

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