Lifestyle and Diet Consultation

We believe we eat right food in right manner / quantity but unconsciously our habits ensure we commit mistakes. In this unique session, Our dietician / dietitian discusses your lifestyle and dietary patterns and suggests you ways to implement easy changes to ensure you start eating healthy and living active.

Everything affects lifestyle from the way we eat, what we eat, when we eat, how we live and so on. Unfortunately most of us are always rushing to get somewhere or to get something done. We stop thinking about what we eat and end up consuming food laden with calories, trans fat, sugar and salt. This increases our chances of gaining weight and acquiring various illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Our Lifestyle and Diet Consultation package has been designed keeping all of the above in mind.

After a thorough discussion on your lifestyle and eating habits, we help you improve it through simple suggestions which will not be a miserable ordeal for you like eating fruits the whole of the day or drinking vegetable juices etc. Instead we help you gradually change your lifestyle by helping you eat healthy.

This consultation is not only available for people suffering from Diabetes or for weight loss, weight gain but also for Nursing Mothers, Pregnant Women, Mothers worried about their Children’s diet and nutrition and women suffering from PCOD .

(This service is available through E-Mail, SMS, Phone, Video Chat and face-to-face discussion with our expert dieticians / dietitians at our centres or through one of our helpline numbers. Kindly note Payment Gateway is enabled for our international clients from USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore and Australia.)

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