Diet & Nutrition

We at RxOcean follow scientific methodology perfected over years by our team of doctors and dietitians / dieticians. Each individual case is discussed in detail within the team and calorie/nutrient intake is decided after taking into account your body analysis, lifestyle and other health aspects. Instead of putting you on a crash diet we slowly migrate you from un-controlled diet to controlled diet. Thus leaving you with sustained weight loss without any side effects. We modify your recipes (as per your tastes) rather than telling you new recipes and food. Also done is a regular follow-up for motivation and to monitor changes in your body. At the same time Dietitians / Dieticians are available round the clock to answer queries by their clients.

We are different from other Slimming Centers. To know more about our methodology and how we are helping others click Diet & Nutrition

All the below mentioned Diet Management and Weight Loss Programs are available over the phone but in case you still would like to meet one of our dietitian / dietician or doctor face2face – same can be arranged at our locations in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Bangalore. Still not convinced, why not discuss your case with our Dietitian / Dietician / Nutritionist @ +91-9891544850.

Kindly note PayPal Payment Gateway is enabled for our international clients from USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore and Australia.

Lifestyle & Diet Consultation

We all believe we eat right food in right manner / quantity but unconsciously our habits ensure we commit mistakes. In this unique session, Our dietitian / dietician discusses your lifestyle to ensure you eat right, live healthy and look & feel great.

One Time Personalized Diet Plan

Each one of us is unique so are our nutrient requirements. Depending upon your current lifestyle, weight and body analysis, our dietitian / dietician will prepare a generalized diet plan for nutritionally balanced diet for your overall well being.

Weight Loss / Weight Gain Plan

Our bodies react differently to variations in nutrient intake. In this unique offering our team of Doctors and Dietitians / Dieticians analyze, suggest well balanced personalized weekly diet plans and closely monitor with weekly follow up to ensure success of program.

Diet Plan for Elderly / Patients / Diabetes / Celiac Disease / Therapeutic Diets

If your medical condition requires you to be on restricted diet (Gluten free diet for Celiac Disease patients), you require supervision of a Dietitian / Dietician along with close guidance of a Doctor. Our team of Doctors & Dietitians / Dieticians will closely monitor your case and prepare weekly diet plans to ensure wholesome nutrition.

Diet Plan for Children

Children have special requirements in terms of nutrients and energy. Even treating obesity amongst kids requires special diet so that all nutrients that their body requires are provided naturally rather than through supplements. Our dietitians / dieticians work along with our team of pediatricians on each case to devise a diet that best suits your child’s needs.

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