Why Us?

RxOcean follows scientific methodology perfected over years by our team of doctors and dietitians. Each individual case is discussed in detail within the team and calorie / nutrient intake is decided after taking into account a person's body analysis, lifestyle and other health aspects. Instead of going on crash diet we slowly migrate you from un-controlled diet to controlled diet. Leaving you with sustained weight loss without any side effects. We modify recipes (as per your tastes) rather than telling you new recipes and food. Also done is a regular follow-up for motivation and to monitor changes in your body. At the same time Dieticians are available round the clock to answer queries by their clients.

Keto Diet Plan

Keto Diet is referred to by many names like Ketogenic Diet / Low Carb Diet / Low Carb High Fat (LCHF). We help you with Keto Meal Planning, delicious Keto Recipes, Chat and Call Support .

Weight Loss / Weight Gain Plan

Losing weight was never so simple that too by eating all traditional food which are a part of your daily routine. In this unique offering our team of Doctors and Dietitians analyze, suggest well balanced personalized weekly diet plans and closely monitor with weekly follow up to ensure success of program.

Success Stories

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Veg Sandwich

Veg Sandwich recipe provides you balanced protein and carb intake for energetic start of the day.


Minty Drink

Our Minty Drink naturally detoxifies & refreshes.


Good Morning Drink

Good Morning Drink prepares you for a Healthy start of the day.


Murgh Salad

We give you dishes which are not only healthy but also palatable.


Dr Rajeev Chawla

MD, FRCP Edin (UK), Diabetologist

Dr. Kirti Soota

MBBS, PGDHA, Fellowship in Diabetes (RSSDI,Delhi)- Diabetes Physician

Ms.Niti Munjal

PGDND, FAN, Diabetes Educator & Nutritionist
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